Case Study 1

C.E. – A Very Successful Business Owner - Age 61

  • He had a $1,600,000 Whole Life Policy.  The annual premiums were $38,000 and the current cash values were $600,000.
  • He was interested in more coverage, but didn't want to pay any more premiums
  • We did a 1035 Tax Free exchange with a new carrier.  We moved the $600,000 of cash values from the $1,600,000 policy into a much more competitive policy.
  • The annual premium of $38,000 remained the same but the face increased to $4,500,000

Case Study 2

Dr. K Orthopedic Surgeon – Age 57

  • Owned a $2,000,000 Whole Life Policy with a $24,000 a year premium and a cumulative cash value of $720,000.
  • The Whole Life policy would provide an annual income of $56,000 a year at age 66 for life and a death benefit of $780,000 at age 86, his life expectancy.
  • The premiums of $24,000 per year would have to be paid for eight more years.


  • We did a 1035 exchange with a new carrier
  • Transferred the $720,000 into a more flexible policy with a death benefit of $2,000,000.
  • No further premiums were required.
  • At Age 66 the new policy would provide a Tax Free annual income of $100,000 a year for life. The death benefit at Age 86 would be $960,000.

Case Study 3

Dr. J - Age 39

  • Acquired a Pension Plan
  • He contributes $25,000 a year of after tax dollars for twenty years. He is insured initially for $1,000,000 which increases to $2,000,000 by age 59.


  • He can receive $100,000 of Tax Free Income a year for life at age 60 or wait until 65 and receive $140,000 a year for life Tax Free.
  • His Tax Free death benefit at Age 86, his life expectancy, will be $1,020,000.
  • His projected annual income of $140,000for twenty two years would be equal to $3,080,000 plus the death benefit of $1,020,000 at age 86.
  • His cumulative contributions will be $500,000 while his projected Tax Free cumulative benefits would be $4,100,000.