Analyzing Life Insurance

Many policies are outdated and very expensive to maintain with very high internal costs.

In many cases we can double the face amount for the same premium as the existing policy or substantially decrease the premiums for the same company.

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Tax Free Retirement Income

How to convert your life insurance policies into a Tax Free retirement income for life.

Provide a complete No Fee Retirement Income Analysis and demonstrate how to increase your retirement income from existing assets as and to elect the best social security option

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Analyzing 401(k) Plans

Many plans are performing poorly because of high fees and poor investment returns.

We have a team that will breakdown where the fees are hiding and why the investment performance is subpar.

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How We Help You

Asset Accumulation provides an analysis of a potential client’s current asset portfolio and provides specific recommendations as to how to increase the value of these assets via reallocation techniques.

John’s comprehension of the various asset class’s individuals own and how they should be performing puts him in a class by himself.  He has forty plus years of working with Corporate Business Owners and provides input as to how to currently get a better return from the business and has to position the business for a potential buyer.

In order to accomplish the overall best results for the business owner John utilizes the talents of other professionals.